Traditional Advertising

Print, Broadcast, Direct Mail, Telemarketing

At Market Mentors, we’re experts in planning, strategizing, and making sure every dollar you spend on traditional advertising will look, sound, and read just right for the people you want reach, whether they’re right in your community or on the other side of the globe.


As the powerhouse of traditional advertising and primary driver of brand awareness, television has a multiplier effect on your advertising. Research indicates television consistently performs with high-efficiency to reach consumers. Commercials are simply a cost-effective way to engage and motivate consumers. We will pair your commercial with a well-crafted media buying plan based on up-to-date Neilsen Media Research and the strength of relationships formed by buying millions of dollars in media annually to maximize your ad dollars.


Industry studies show radio is still going strong, offering the best return on investment of any media. Listeners tend to be loyal to radio stations. Market Mentors has the research that identifies what your ideal customer listens to and when. Like television advertising plans, research, experience, and relationships go into every media buying plan which is enhanced with negotiated value-added promotions or contesting to provide our clients with more for their money. Radio commercials deliver the message quickly. In addition to writing and casting, Market Mentors is available to record and produce your radio commercials in our in-house studio.


Print is tangible. Brochures, direct mail, leave-behinds, sell sheets, display advertising, coupons… things people can hold in their hands, stick on the fridge, and refer to again and again. You may even recognize the print advertising opportunity present in every business card you hand out. No scrolling, no multimedia distractions, print makes for an effective advertisement as people will more readily absorb a print message. Our graphic design team makes it their mission to make you look good. Take a look.